How to Start Blogging Without All the Fuss

Technically, if youre not into the blogging fever, you wouldnt be interested with this article. But if you are one of those who dedicated their life posting blogs every minute of the hour of every waking day, hop in, you might just be the next big thing the blogging industry has ever known. Start blogging without the tiring stress of dropping a sweat.

As discussed by millions of web sites, blogging is an art of posting an authored piece of work. A blog is a combined word for web blog. It can be anything you can think of. It is a liberated journal anyone can read. Anyone can publish it or make comments about it. A blog might be in form of formal or informal, humorous or sensitive. Kinds of blogs that a blogger can dig into are: political, personal, health, literary, travel, legal, educational.

For those who just got hooked and are having a hard time creating a blog, either in a form of a simple text blog, vlog (video blog), artlog (art log), and the like, this might be a boost.

Step 1. Find a Host. This would mean a website wholeheartedly ready to accept whatever you post. A first-step training on putting up your own blog. Make sure to find a decent provider. And how would you create your own jumping out of the conventional? Thatll be tackled in step number 2.

Step 2. Sign up. After which, different options and samples would appear or pop out giving you an idea on what your finished blog might look like. Personalize. Choose wisely. Choose creatively. Choose as if youre painting your own picture. Dont forget to include your personal information.

Step 3. Decide. A blog can either be private or public. Private blogs are for your eyes only and those who have permission and access to view it, while public blogs are created for everyone to view and to read. Therefore it depends on your preference if your blogs a free-access type or a password generated one. Also consider the different schemes and layout. Edited blogs would look more inviting to the eyes.

Step 4. Adjust. Dont settle for the ordinary. Pull the plug if its not working. Delete unacceptable styles and modify anew. To write a blog is not as easy as it looks. Your first few tries might seem disturbing because youre trying to figure out how everything must work. But when youve familiarize yourself with how everything works, youll find the whole process vindicating.

Step 5. Upload. Read the instructions. Digest it. Copy then paste. Image hosting sites points out vividly the A-Zs of uploading. Update daily to establish frequency of visits from readers which is a vital communicating act.

Step 6. Tag it. An image tag would look something like this: . With the presence of a uniform resource locater or URL, paste the image tag on your journal for your photo to pop out. Its not enough to paste your picture on your screen. Certain commands must be organized.

Step 7. Publish. Either send your URL to your buddies or to your website, its okay. Add your URL to other blogs made.

And thats it!

The moment you get hooked in making blogs, youll find out the benefits. And youll realize that there are millions of people out there who are just like you.

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Richard La Compte
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